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Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine Centre

About Us: Brief Company Introduction

      The PPPM Centre, s.r.o. is a private company which was founded on July 5, 2018 in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic and as a legal entity it was registered as limited liability company under the jurisdiction of the Slovak Republic, seated in Ružomberok. The vision of establishing such a company was given by the experts of EPMA who actually initialized the whole process by the series of expert discussions and publications since the year 2013 as can be found in the articles published by the EPMA Journal.

Board of Directors

      PPPM Centre s.r.o. is managed by the Board of Directors who are responsible for all strategic decision related to further development of the company. All board directors and chief executives follow these decisions in practical management of the company.

Mission Statement

      Our mission is to build the first International and Innovative  Centre for Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine as a flagship of a Health-Oriented Healthcare according to the outlined visions of EPMA. In a wide international co-operation of medical experts, scientists, investors, local suppliers of wide range of services, and politicians we want to bring to the people services that will assess the state of health of a client at the particular moment and by the use of complex expertise and computer assisted analysis of all acquired data prepare the health report, highlighting/predicting potential health problems, if any found, and suggesting particular preventive action and health supporting activities, including health education to increase health literacy, in order to avoid/minimize health deterioration so that the people can live and thrive for as long as possible.

The key points in the mission of the PPPM Centre are:
  • to create effective professional “interactome” for the paradigm shift from reactive “disease care” to advanced “health care”  
  • to demonstrate implementability of advanced health-supporting/maintaining strategies based on predictive, preventive and personalised strategies
  • to adapt innovative services of predictive, preventive, and personalised medical approach to the daily practice
  • to establish specialised health-supporting/maintaining programmes, focused on specific needs of youth and individuals in suboptimal health condition
  • to prevent diseases representing high burden to the society in European population
  • to demonstrate cost-efficacy of PPPM strategies and economic viability of personalised medical approaches in the settings of real life healthcare
  • to ensure coordination with national, regional and local authorities engaged in healthcare environments, and to link the European medical clusters (which include University centres, public health authorities, payers, etc.), thus ensuring a wide European dimension as well as the world wide co-operation of all experts willing to participate
  • to create pool of data and expert knowledge for evidence-based recommendations to be addressed to the  governmental organisations to propagate innovative and cost-effective screening programmes and health-supporting/maintaining measures applied to the European population and beyond
  • to consider ethical, legal and societal aspects all of which are essentially included in the routine activities of the PPPM Centre operating in EU but co-operating around the world

Our Partners

  • EPMA
          European Association for Predictive, Preventive, and Personalized Medicine (EPMA) is our principal partner organization but, of course, the Centre is open for broader international cooperation and support from all people who share our and EPMA’s visions. The EPMA network of experts shall provide professional expertise and personal support to PPPM Centre in order to enhance its quick development. In the later phases of the continual development of the PPPM Centre, according to the results and feedback received from the clients and the PPPM professionals, a network of such PPPM centers is planned throughout the Europe and the world.
  • EMA
          European Medical Association (EMA) has been the very first supporter of the PPPM concept since the year 2008 when the EPMA was founded in Brussels, Belgium, and gradually and succesfully started its activities. Now, again, EMA is at the very beginning of a new phase of PPPM development and with its backgroud medical expertise it is ready to help and support us. The EMA experts will also provide professional expertise an dpersonal support in order to help our Centre to progress faster with practical appliction of PPPM.
  • Town of Ružomberok
          We are appreciating very much the great support from the officials of the city of Ružomberok, the hometown of PPPM Centre. Since the very beginning of our plan to establish an international and innovative PPPM centre in Ružomberok we received local political support from the mayor of the town Mr. Igor Čombor, PhD., who, being a medical doctor himself, immediately recognized the idea of practical application of PPPM as a far reaching perspective not only for the town, which would harbor such an expert healthcare facility attracting visitors thus stimulating tourism and sustainable development of the whole region of Liptov, but also the perspective for the whole Slovakia and well beyond that. With Mr. Čombor’s active help, this local political support was later transformed into the political support at the governmental level in Slovakia and also intergovernmental level between Slovakia and Russian Federation, where both countries agreed upon common support for the development of PPPM.
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    In 2018 Ružomberok celebrates 700th anniversary of granting the town privileges. The first written notice of the settlements dates back to the year 1233 but the history of the inhabited area is definitely much older. We are very glad that things happened the way we have established our company right here and right now and can symbolically contribute to this celebration by our vision of unique international and innovative center for Predictive, Preventive, and Personalised Medicine which, as we truly believe, will fit very well into the synergistic relations with all health-supporting services provided here and the beautiful surroundings and natural spots in the region of Ružomberok, Liptov, and the whole Slovakia.
  • Žilina Self-Governing Region
          On March 26, 2019, our company has signed an important Memorandum of Cooperation, Information Sharing and Support with Žilina Self-Governing Region, one of the eight territorial divisions, Slovakia is administratively divided into, and where PPPM Centre has its seat. Actually, this region is one of the most appreciated region by tourist and visitors of Slovakia. The innovative vision of the PPPM Centre is strongly supported by particular regional political representatives, including President of the Region, Mrs. Erika Jurinová. Well-developed infrastructure provides great opportunities for utilizing the local medical expertise on the one hand, and on the other hand for development of tele-medical approach by global EPMA network of experts. The whole region is highly attractive for international investment which is also very important issue for development of Žilina Self-Governing Region. This Memorandum purports to express the common interest of all three Memorandum Parties in supporting and cooperating in the practical implementation of Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine (PPPM), as a clearly forward looking approach in the medicine of the 21st century.
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