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About Slovakia

Slovak Republic (Slovakia) is strategically located in the Central Europe. It is a member of the European Union since 2004 as well as numerous international organizations such as UN, UNESCO, OECD, OSCE, WHO, CERN, NATO, V4, and other organizations. In the year 2009 Slovakia joined Eurozone and uses Euro (€) as its national currency.
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Slovakia: Quick Facts
Useful Info
Dialling Code:
ISO Code:
Time zone:
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Administrative divisions
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Border lenghth:1672 (1039 mi)
  • Poland 547 km (340 mi)
  • Ukraine 98 km (61 mi)
  • Hungary 679 km (421 mi)
  • Austria 106 km (66 mi)
  • Czech Rep. 252 km (157 mi)
Total area: 49 035 km2 (18,933 sq mi)
  • 80% >720 m above sea level
  • 41% Forest
  • 0.1% Water
Population: 5 435 300 (2016)
Median Age: 33.7 years
Language: Slovak
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Top 10 Cities

Rank City Population
#1 Bratislava 432 800
#2 Košice 240 700
#3 Prešov 91 600
#4 Žilina 81 500
#5 Banská Bystrica 79 800
#6 Nitra 78 900
#7 Trnava 66 200
#8 Martin 57 300
#9 Trenčín 55 800
#10 Poprad 52 800
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Liptov Region and Ružomberok

Among the advantages of Slovakia, and the Liptov region in particular, for harboring unique and visionary international center for PPPM we can count the following ones:
  • Central geographical location within the center of Europe
  • High European standards of services at attractive prices
  • Deep cultural traditions and successful historical experience of health resorts as well as contemporary adaptation to the needs of the demanding clients
  • Ecologically clean national parks, well developed tourism and year-round health resorts of highest standards
  • Moderate climate yet diverse geomorfology offering wide range of experience in tourism
  • Mineral waters and geothermal springs with healing properties
  • Well-developed chain of clinical laboratories with high standard services in in vitro diagnostics, hospitals, private medical facilities offering medical procedures at very high standards
  • Traditional hospitality of the people across Slovakia towards the visitors
  • Political and economical stability
  • Favorable prices of services offered
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  • Malá Fatra National Park (NPMF)
  • Veľká Fatra National Park (NPVF)
  • Nízke Tatry National Park (NAPANT)
  • Muránska planina National Park
  • Slovenský raj National Park (NPSR)
  • Slovenský kras National Park (NPSK)
  • Poloniny National Park (NPP)
  • Pieniny National Park (PIENAP)
  • Tatry National Park (TANAP)
Ružomberok, the hometown of the International center for PPPM is a small town having slightly below 30 000 inhabitants. Geographically it lies at the confluence of two rivers one of which is called Váh, the longest river on the territory of the Slovak Republic, and the other is called Revúca. The town is situated at the western part of the Liptov basin and is in the close vicinity of the Veľká Fatra - 2 in map National Park (8 km), Malá Fatra National Park 1 (18 km), Chočské Vrchy Mountains (8 km), Low Tatras National Park 3 (8 km), Horná Orava Protected Landscape Area (26 km) and High Tatras National Park 9 (29 km). Actually, Liptov area is surrounded by 4 of 9 national parks. Such a location provides Ružomberok with excellent opportunities for numerous sport and leisure health-supporting activities all year round.
  • Panoramic Vew of Ružomberok
  • Bešeňová Aquapark
  • Water Dam Liptovská Mara
  • Majestic Kriváň Mountain
  • Open-air Museum Pribylina
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