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Core Services

The fundamental product that we sell is health assessment and predictive report. In this report we supply the client with the results of
  • Complex biochemical, hematological, microbiological, immunological, genetic, and molecular biological analyses of client’s blood, serum, urine, saliva, sweat, stool, swabs, DNA, cells, and potentially other materials (so called in vitro diagnostics),
  • The examinations of the whole body and its functions performed by medical experts in the fields of imaging techniques (CT, X-Ray, MRI, USG, ECG, EMG, and other) together with the functional tests and examinations such as dental check-up, ophthalmological check-up vital capacity of lung, ergometry, psychological tests, blood pressure, and other, should they be needed (so called in vivo diagnostics).
  • Physical, chemical, biological analysis of the particular external factors influencing client’s health such as the environmental factors like electromagnetic fields, ionizing radiation, noise, air pollutants, water pollutants, composition of the nutrition, surrounding nature, and other client specific factors.
  • The analysis of all acquired client-specific data by the team of internationally cooperating medical and other experts who will use their expertise and innovative computer assistance driven by the trained artificial intelligence software (so called in silico diagnostics)
This report will take into consideration all the data that will be provided by the client through the filled-in initial questionnaire (so called patient-profile), and on the basis of the results mentioned above, the report will provide the Client with the particular predictions related to his/her health status, together with the suggestions for the preventive procedures. The whole report is consulted with the client by the team of medical and other professional to assure that the Client understands all results and suggestions. Should we discover, during the analyses, that the client has unmanifested yet pathology, the team will inform the client and recommend visiting particular medical facilities and experts either here in Slovakia, or at Client’s home county or at any internationally cooperating medical facility with the expertise related to Client’s problem.
Although our primary client is a person with no apparent health problems, or a person in suboptimal health condition, we may help also the regular patients seeking second opinion or an international expertise in the field related to their health problem.
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It is understandable that the whole process of analyses and report preparation takes considerable amount of time during which the Client has an option to spend his/her free time by selecting particular health-dedicated package(s) of activities, which is a complementary service to our main product, or by spending time at his/her will without our assistance. Before signinig the contract the Client will receive a for personalized plan the stay in which there is clearly highlighted how much time is left for complementary activities or just a free time.

Please, keep in mind that the whole process of receiving the final report about your health takes five to six days, thus the service is offered on a weekly basis, starting on Monday at the airport, with the client leaving on Friday or Saturday.

Service Description

For better clarity we decribe below the whole process step-by-step
Congratulations you have completed all of the steps successfully
    Contact with Client
    A client who is interested in visiting our PPPM Centre contacts us by e-mail, we propose the available dates for the visit.
    Personalized Plan
    Based of the information provided by the client we prepare the personalised plan of the stay in Slovakia.
    Contract Signature & Payment
    We send to the client the contract, the informed consent and the invoice. A client pays the invoiced amount to the bank account of PPPM Centre, s.r.o.
    Travelling and Airport Pick Up
    On the date of arrival we pick the client at the airport, either Bratislava or Vienna, and transfer him/her safely to the hotel of the Client’s choice in Ružomberok or the surrounding area. The client is accompanied to the Reception desk for check-in.
    Initial Interview
    The next day Client is invited for the introductory talks with medical experts, where all he/she is receiving the explanation of the procedures and examination to be done and fills in a particular health-related questionnaire. In this phase the maximum information is gathered about the Client’s life style, habits, and all sorts of influencing factors.
    Health Assessment Procedures
    In the morning the Client is taken blood by vene punction by a trained phlebotomist, Client provides the fresh morning urine and potentially other biological material (i.e. saliva, faeces, swabs, etc.) for the clinical laboratory analysis in the fields of clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, and genetics). After this procedure Clients passes a series of expert examination be medical experts in the fields of medical imaging, sport medicine, cardiology, dentistry, internal medicine, ophthalmology, and other according the emerging needs.
    Individual Activities
    While all the acquired data on the Client’s health are processed and the particular health status report and the relevant predictions are being prepared the Client spends the time focusing on the activities he/she selected for the stay – see the individual package.
    Complex Health Report
    Complex Health Report with particular prediction is prepared for the Client in the printed version and also downloadable version from the PPPM Centre’s web page. The Report is encrypted and does not contain direct patient identification (no name, surname, date of birth) only a special and unique code which the Client receives after signing a contract.
    Report Consultation
    The whole health report is presented, explained to the client by the medical expert. The client has the opportunity to consult all conclusions and suggestions provided in the report.
    Check-out and Transfer to Airport
    On the day of departure the Client is accompanied at the check-out. The client is transferred to the airport by a professional driver taking into consideration sufficient time reserve for being at the airport on time for the particular flight – usually 2 hours ahead of the scheduled departure.

    Price List

    Health assessment and predictive report
    The exact amount of money the client will need to pay for the health assesment and predictive report is the subject of calculation. The price depends on the particular medical examinations that would be recommended on the basis of the data provided by the client in the initial questionnaire. In general, standard assessment without very special and expensive examinations would cost approximately 1500-3000 € (VAT included).

    The price of the complementary services which the client chooses in the form of the particular theme-oriented package will depend on the season, number of participants, the time spent with the activity, the distance travelled and other factors. Usually allow 20-100 € per activity per person. The prices are subject to change by a subcontractor offering the particular activity, if the activity is not organized by our Centre.

    The price of the accommodation depends on your preferences. If you prefer staying at the luxurious 4* wellness hotel, the price will be, of course, higher than the price at the standard accommodation facility. Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry at all. The hotels in the area are of very good quality at favorable prices, usually ranging from 25 € to 150 € per room per night. We have very good information about the hotels and hands-on experience so that, if you wish, we can assist you with choosing the accommodation that fits best to your personal preferences.

    Analogically to accommodation prices, the same holds for the food prices in restaurants, usually you will pay approx. 10-15 € per person having a soup, main course, a drink and a dessert in a standard restaurant.

    The transportation costs, that is your transfer from and to the airport, are included in the price of the basic payment for the health assessment. Transportation costs are also included in the prices of the particular package.

    Should you wish to travel by yourself here we summarize average prices for the particular type of transport:

    The prices for taxi service vary from 0,5 € to 1,5 € per kilometer. Ask about the price before you get into the taxi.

    Train, Bus
    You can get by train from Ružomberok to the Capital of Slovakia, Bratislava (260 km), for about 14 € per person and for about 12 € you can travel to the second largest city, Košice (200 km). In general, for 20 € you can get by train or bus from Ružomberok to virtually any place in Slovakia.

    Car rental
    The prices per car per 24 hours are within the range approximately 20-80 €, depending on the particular type of the car. The price of fuel varies around 1,43 € per liter of petrol and around 1,25 per liter of diesel.

    Bike and e-Bike rental
    In the Liptov area you can rent a mountain bike for about 10-15 € per day and mountain e-bike rental costs around 30-50 € per 24 hours, depending on the model. Mountain bikes and e-bikes are very popular so that you can rent them from a wide range of suppliers.
    Core Service